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Founded in 1994 in Istanbul Laser Thermal Engineering Company, Turkey's largest city on the successes and gained experience was spent in 2007 in Rize province and opened our store in Rize to offer in the vicinity. Our company, which has grown and developed with its experience and investments made over time, has become one of the strongest and most reliable companies in the region. In order to carry out this knowledge and experience in more fields, it opened a new branch in Trabzon in 2009. As of 2017, it continues its life with 3 stores and 1 production facility under the Kanaltek brand. We continue to support the region with more than 10 expert engineers in each field, experienced and trained employees.

Structure in Turkey and even the best brands in the world that hosts the dealership Laser Thermal Engineering, has received the District of Ayvaz brand dealership since 2009. 70-year history, the world's 83 countries of operations by Turkey's largest companies to Ayvaz flexible metal hose from the compensator of the level trap to the controller, using the wide range of products ranging from fire groups vanalr and began marketing. We are also the dealership of the favorite products of German engineering, in partnership with Arı Armaturen, one of the world's best quality armature manufacturers.

Under the Kanaltek brand, our company, which takes the task of performing the insulation works in the sector using the latest technology and the best workmanship, has succeeded to be the best company in our region to minimize the energy losses of the tea factories.

In this direction, we started to work to meet the sales and services of all the armature groups needed by the Tea Factories and other industrial organizations, which are the most important industrial establishments of our region. First of all, we listened to the wishes and wishes of the tea industry, and if any, their grievances, and we established a new unit to respond to them. Job description of this unit;
* To minimize the time spent in logistics and to eliminate the money spent by tea production, which is working full performance in only one quarter of the year and we know that every moment and every passing time in the working period is very valuable, to add all the products we need to our stock.
* By purchasing the best quality steam trap measuring device in the market, measuring the efficiency and working status of the tea plants systems and presenting them as a report.
* 12 months of the year, organizing continuous factory visits, meeting the needs of the factories and recommending the necessary arrangements in their systems with our expert engineer staff, and conveying the desired projects to them to make their production more efficient.
* If desired, establishing, repairing, renovating and insulating the necessary steam lines of the factories.

As you can understand in line with these explanations, Lazer Heat Engineering provides the technical support required by the Rize province and all the industrial establishments around it, and supplies all the products they want to supply to the companies. We promise you that we will do our best to be the best in the region.